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Michelle: Prepping for the GMAT… Again

June 05, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Blogger MichelleI’m writing this as a sit on a plane, flying home to visit my family for the weekend. I have dreams of spending the weekend sitting on the couch, watching crappy reality television that I not-so-secretly love, and totally bumming out. But alas, I actually have to be a productive adult… Great.

So anyway, I officially booked my GMAT retake date for early July – wish me luck! Here’s the back-story of my journey thus far. You see, I actually score pretty well on practice tests, but somehow I underperformed on test day – twice. (Ouch!) But, I was sick the morning of my first test, so that one totally shouldn’t count.

I’ve since been working with a private tutor and am hoping that the third time is the charm. I’m so desperate that I’ve started resorting to cheesy clichés. Sometimes when I study, I’ve even started writing those clichés on the top of my notepad. It’s supposed to be motivational, at least that’s what I read in an article on GMATClub or Beat The GMAT or one of those other sites. I’m not sure if it’s working, but it’s a decent distraction when I get sick of looking at Data Sufficiency questions, so whatevs, I’ll go with it.

I know that finishing the GMAT will only be the start of this whole b-school app process, but there will be such a huge load off my shoulders when that time comes. A top score isn’t everything and on its own – it definitely won’t guarantee admission into my dream schools – but I know that I’m capable, so I just want to do it. The feeling of accomplishing a goal that I’ve worked towards for so long will be pretty incredible.

Well, that’s enough writing for today. I have to go hit the books; I’m in it to win it!

Michelle will be blogging about her application whirlwind from start to acceptance. Follow her journey (and Mark’s advice) right here.