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Your MBA Waitlist Do-Not-Do List

April 03, 2014 :: Admissionado Team

So the letter or email arrived, and the news wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly great either: you’ve been put on the MBA waitlist.

At this point you may notice your mind going to some weird places as you try to figure out how to escape from Waitlist Island. Understandable. And there ARE some things you can do to increase your chances of ultimately getting off the MBA waitlist.


1) Sit on your couch eating takeout and watching Netflix until you hear back*

2) Stand outside the adcom director’s house, boombox over your head, blasting this. Or this.

3) Start your own business school for waitlisted applicants. (After all, considering many  waitlist applicants will do the RIGHT thing and eventually get in…you’ll have a very small 1st year class.)

4) Threaten the adcom with a puppy attack.

5) Bribe the adcom with a puppy attack!

6) When accepting your spot on the waitlist, include a distasteful joke/not-so-veiled threat on the adcom’s life. “I accept my place on the waitlist…and I hope that you’ll accept my envelope full of anthrax if I don’t make it off the WL. HAHAAAAHH!”

7) Draw the shades, curl up in the fetal position with a tub of frosting and a bottle of wine and wallow in a pool of “there goes my future!” depression.

Good. Now that you’ve gotten all that out of your system, you can focus on what you SHOULD be doing while you’re hanging out in waitlist limbo. Not sure what that is? Start here.

* Unless the school specifically tells you to do nothing. In which case, do nothing! Follow directions!