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MBA News You Can Use: An MBA is (Still) a Valuable Thing

January 14, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

Round 2 deadlines are coming to a close and that means two things:

You can finally get a full 8 hours of sleep again.

You can finally think about more than Stanford’s ‘What matters most and why.”

Exciting, right?

Now you have time to think about the value of that MBA you covet, how to make the most of your time at b-school, the secrets of some of the world’s most successful businessmen and women, how to handle Round 3, and all the other big things happening in the MBA world this week.

Get your fix right here:

Is an MBA worth it? Alums say YES

B-school alum have spoken, friends. And despite the state of the economy and the fierce competition among MBAs to get jobs, the time and money spent on an MBA is still more than worth it. Can I get a sigh of relief up in here?

MBA Electives offer hands-on experience

The new trend in b-schools? Creative electives that take students out of the classroom and give them more hands-on and meaningful experience. It’s about time, eh?

3 Career reasons why students get online MBAs

Like music, movies, TV, shopping, and everything else we know and love, b-school has gone online. Have you ever considered an online MBA? Some argue it’s the only way to go.

Sometimes winners DO quit

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes quitting is the best option. And it takes a winner to recognize it.

Career tips from successful entrepreneurs… who never graduated from college

Sure, you’ll learn a TON about business in business school, but before you get there, learn a lot about business from people who never went (and clearly didn’t need to).

How to rock the GMAT in 2012

Just starting on your MBA application journey? First things first: killin’ it on the GMAT. And these tips should help.

The Art of the Round 3 application

If you’re applying to b-school in round 3, you won’t want to miss this informative (and FREE) webinar hosted by Admissionado founder and CEO, Jon Frank.