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MBA News You Can Use: The New GMAT Is Coming…

December 03, 2011 :: Admissionado Team

The new and improved GMAT is out, Americans are heading abroad for b-school, and one post-MBA proves b-school is worth the money and time.

Yes, this week we learn that it’s a good time to get an MBA…

Asia’s Best Business Schools Beckon You
If this isn’t a sign of the times, folks, we don’t know what is. While international students dream of studying and working in America… it seems American students are following the global economy and applying to MBA programs in the world’s emerging markets (China, India, etc.) in droves. Where will YOU have the most success?

Stocks Climb After Employment Report
More money in your pocket now and more career success later. Double win.

Jitters over the New GMAT
We’ve been talking about it for months… and now it’s finally here: the new GMAT with its new “integrated reasoning” section. Already taken the GMAT? Phew. Preparing for it now? Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems…

Am I Too Old to get an MBA?
Did you know that a majority of the MBA class of 2013 is over age 30? Or that MIT Sloan admitted a 60-year-old woman into their Master’s in Finance program this year? Yeah, you’re not too old to go back to school.

The Building of Fulton Beer
Wondering if your MBA education is a waste of money? Try this on for size: Ryan Petz had to “create a company” during his tenure at b-school… and since graduation, has turned the project into a successful, profitable brewing company. That’s an MBA in action, folks.