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MBA News You Can Use: GMAT Scores are Falling

November 19, 2011 :: Admissionado Team

Worried about your GMAT score? Still not sure what schools to target this year? Wondering what those adcoms really look for? Concerned about graduating into this less-than-stellar economy?

You’ve come to the right place, folks.

We’ve got all that information and more in this week’s MBA news round up:

GMAT Scores Slip at Many Top Schools
MIT and Kellogg are reporting 10-point drops in medians. And other schools are saying the same. So where does your GMAT score stack up?

Oxford’s New 1+1 MBA Program
In an effort to better prepare students (and get an edge on other b-school programs), Said’s launching a new dual degree program. Starting in Fall 2012, students will have the option of adding on another year to specialize in an area focused on their future career. Does this change your list of target programs for Round 2?

Inside View: The Recruitment Process
How does admissions really work? An adcom member weighs in. Her secrets and tips may surprise you and stop you from putting effort into the wrong areas.

When it makes Sense to Wait for Round 3

Early decision, round 1, round 2, round 3- when is the best time to apply to b-school and is it really ever a good idea to wait until round 3? Turns out, sometimes procrastination can pay off.

MBA Job Placement: Salaries Up at MIT Sloan
MIT Sloan surprised the Businessweek data team (and basically everyone in the economics industry) when their most recent numbers showed an increase of almost $10,000 from last year’s average post-grad salary.