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MBA News You Can Use: The Subconscious and B-School Admissions

December 10, 2011 :: Admissionado Team

The role of the subconscious in b-school admissions, studying abroad, dual-degrees, and changing the world — it’s all big news in the MBA world this week and we’ve got it all covered right here.

“Blink” in MBA Essays, Resumes, Interviews, and Emails to Adcoms

Even though you might think admissions officers are only judging you based on your application and your overly rehearsed interview answers, they’re also judging you on things you can’t control. Follow these tips to make sure you impress both their professional and instinctual senses.

Dual Degrees for MBAs: The Road not Taken

The number of universities offering MBA dual-degree programs has grown 54% over the past decade, but only 1% of MBAs are currently enrolled in one of these programs. The question on everyone’s mind: are they worth it?

The New MBA Map

Fun Fact: Most business schools in Central/Eastern Europe are only 15-20 years old. Seems crazy, right? Well, it’s not. Management and entrepreneurship were looked down upon in the mid-20th century, so these schools have only had a few decades to develop. But that doesn’t mean they can’t provide you with a stellar business education. Maybe it’s time to look outside of the US and into these constantly growing and evolving b-schools.

Why MBA Students go on Exchange

Studying abroad isn’t just for undergrads anymore. More and more MBA programs are offering exchange programs, and more and more students are benefiting from them. And in this global economy, it’s an amazing opportunity to not only expand your horizons, but expand that post-MBA resume.

Stories of MBAs Who Don’t Want to be in the 1%

Contrary to popular belief, not all MBAs dream of making it rich. Many just want to leave their mark on the world. Maybe that’s you. And maybe, after reading their stories, that will become you…