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Hey America, Here’s A Quick Intro To Canadian MBA Programs

December 05, 2016 :: Admissionado

Toronoto Skyline

Hey America… sorry to bother you; it’s me… Canada, remember… your fun-loving friend up north.

Heard you just took your GMAT, checked the news and are looking for a place to chill. Well, we just made it easier for you as an International Student. Don’t just take my word, check out this article from Canadian Business Magazine.

Our new Global Skills Strategy is tailor made for you, post MBA, to land a prestigious job at a consulting firm, bank or a prominent multinational (if you’re old-school) as long as you make the grade. Or better yet, snag a job at a hot tech company in one of Canada’s Silicon Valleys. We all know about the over-used term Tech-Unicorn… but up here we call them “Narwhals.” Not “Beavers” or “Beliebers”- if you can believe it.

Narwhals are real-life whales with a long spiral-grooved tusk projecting from their mouths. They’re said to have inspired belief in the “mythological Unicorn.” Because we’re friendly, and like camaraderie, we even started a “Narwhal Club.” There are lots of attractive baby Narwhals growing up here too.

Don’t worry about great, famous places like home or the UK cramping your style. The drill is the same up here. To get admitted to Canadian MBA programs you need:

  • a solid GMAT & GPA.
  • quality work experience.
  • a little somethin’-somethin’ that makes you special.

We have a number of appealing options for you to consider (the usual global rock stars are always waiting; right?):

Rotman-U of T in downtown Toronto (“The 6ix”):

Think Columbia, strong on research, ratings, city lifestyle, but with a great view of the CN tower. Learn more.

Ivey-Western in London:

“Forest City”: Think “Harvard north” since @1922, case method, strong alumni support. Learn more.

Desautels-McGill in Montreal

“City of Saints” & “Sin City” RIP Leonard Cohen!: Think international reputation, Mintzberg & European “Francophone flavour”. Learn more.

Smith-Queen’s in Kingston

“Limestone City” Tragically Hip”: Think top-notch global quality small-town charm, Cornell EMBA connection. Learn more.

Schulich-York in uptown Toronto

“The Megacity”: Think NYU-Stern in an uptown TO suburb, Kellogg EMBA connection. Learn more.

UBC-Sauder in Vancouver

“Gastown” or “Vansterdam”: Think west coast ocean vibe, research intensive, cosmopolitan. Learn more.

Lazaridis-WLU in Waterloo

“The Loo”: Think small-town, Tuck spirit, teaching and tech *full disclosure (MBA 98’). Learn more.

Not to take anything away from the rankings game, but it’s like that special tapas/taco spot nobody’s heard of yet… do you really need it to get a Michelin star so you can wait forever in line, pay a lot of dough just to be fulfilled? Oh, and who can deny the premium taste of handcrafted cocktails with seafoam, smoke and cultured pearls, all yours for only $100 a pop.

Top-drawer programs still teach the same seven essential MBA building blocks of strategy, finance, economics, accounting, marketing, OB and statistics, each tailored with a twist. Come on up to the north, we’ve got the fire on and we’re waiting for you to “call us on your cellphone”…