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Haas: Five Things You Need to Know Before You Apply

September 05, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

Berkeley is popular, and for good reason. It’s a great school with a kickass MBA program… and, come on. It’s California.

Looking for an insider perspective on Haas? We’ve got the best kind of resource: the savvy alum. Our very own MBA consultant Julie is here to provide her AWESOME insight into UC Berkeley’s business program.

  1. Do something socially responsible. Corporate social responsibility is a BIG deal at Haas. Haas is a leader in this area, with a dedicated Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Social Venture Competition, and a KILLER Net Impact club (a national club focused on social responsibility). If you can demonstrate that you understand the value of the “double” bottom line, it’s a good way to demonstrate why you’re a good fit for Haas.
  2. Show your entrepreneurial spirit. Haas is all about entrepreneurship. Located right by Silicon Valley, they hold two business plan contests and host a great speaker series with leading entrepreneurs. Even if you haven’t started a business, show how you apply an entrepreneurial spirit in your approach to work. Show them how you LIVE it.
  3. Talk about your cool accomplishments outside of work. Even more than the average school, Haas cares about the WHOLE person. PEOPLE, not profiles. They want people who are interesting, not someone who just slaves away at work and never does anything cool outside the office. They want to know what you’re PASSIONATE about and why. Show your difference.
  4. Demonstrate why you’re diverse. Haas has its share of students who go on to management consulting or investment banking, but part of what makes the school unique is the diversity of interests/focuses. And that goes for both professional & non-professional interests. Haas is not looking for cookie-cutter business folks. They want people who have a unique outlook, unique story, unique experience.
  5. If you have international experience, talk about it. Haas has a reeeeeeeeally cool program called International Business Development, where students take a one semester class and contribute to a consulting project in another country. You work remotely with your client during the semester and then travel onsite in the first few weeks of the summer before internships start. If you have international experience and want to expand on (it or even if you don’t and want to gain it), this is a really cool program that’s unique to Haas.

Now that you’re up-to-snuff on Haas, it’s time to write your essays! Wanna know how to do it? Check out our 2012-2013 Berkeley Haas Essay Analysis.