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From Our Consultants: MBA Interview Tips

December 24, 2020 :: Admissionado Team

As Round 1 deadlines start to wind down, MBA programs across the globe will start reaching out to fortunate hopefuls for the highly anticipated and dreaded interview. As polished and prepared you made your essays? That’s how rough and unprepared your interview can be.

But, just because it’s “on-the-spot” doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for it. One of the most important steps for business school applicant is getting advice from the best MBA admission consultants and making notes for your interview.

Sally Radwan – London Business School

Don’t make stuff up. It shows… and makes you look ridiculous. Remember, these guys have been through it all and can see through the nonsense. If you’re trying to fool them, they’ll know it. Better to be truthful and honest while still selling yourself and your suitability to the school.

Damon Chua – Stanford GSB

First impressions count. The most important part of the interview is the initial chit-chat, even before the real interview begins. Make sure you engage fully during that initial phase by being friendly, professional and relaxed – AND by being yourself.

Moah Son – Wharton

The interview is the ONLY opportunity to make a memorable face-to-face impression so make sure you let your personality shine. Try to relax, smile and be enthusiastic and friendly… make the person behind those fabulous essays come to life.  Nothing is more off-putting than someone who comes across as dull, terrified, and/or socially-awkward.

Omair Azam – Haas

Have a mock interview with a current MBA or an alum. I did that with my good friend who went to Wharton and she was harsh with me, but it helped in the end as my real interview was a piece of cake when compared to the mock one.

Ajeeth Sankaran – Ross

In all my interviewing I do for my alma mater and for company recruiting, the biggest thing that moves me is ENERGY.  Genuine excitement for whatever it is they’re interviewing for (so show me you are PYSCHED about XYZ school).  Eye contact…smiles…energy.

Alex Jarzebinski – Wharton

Practice… but don’t over-practice. You don’t want to sound robotic. And try to do some research on the person interviewing you, there’s few things better than showing the person interviewing you that you are coming prepared.


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