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Duke Fuqua: Five Things You Need to Know Before You Apply

October 03, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

Duke Fuqua commonly appears in the Top Ten bschool rankings, and for good reason. Focusing on collaboration and international leadership, Fuqua consistently cranks out strong and competitive graduates that climb high on corporate ladders across the globe.

The key to getting in? Getting to know the school from a pro, and our MBA consultant Yaron Dahan is just such a bschool master. Here are his five tips on what you should know about Duke:

  1. A Diverse School. Unlike its partner schools in the northeast, Fuqua isn’t solely focused on Finance or Consulting. Duke MBA graduates go on a plethora of industries in various functions, including Healthcare and Non-Profit. Fuqua is also well-known for having more minorities as a portion of its student body than many other schools, priding itself on the collaboration of multiple cultural, gender, and industry perspectives. Showing how you fit into this melting pot will be a great way to reach out to the adcom.
  2. Fuqua Global Campus. In September 2008, Fuqua launched an expansion initiative to establish campuses in St. Petersburg, Dubai, Kunshan, New Delhi, and London. Duke is looking to establish itself as a heavyweight international program, pooling global resources to further their diverse domestic program. Applicants with international business aspirations will be smart to bear this in mind…
  3. Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE). In this international program, you can study a country of your choice in breadth and depth for six weeks before taking a two-week trip yourself to get to know it firsthand. Having a strong international background is great coming in, but if you already have an idea for your specific GATE coursework, pitch it!
  4. “Fuqua Fridays.” Fuqua Fridays are very informal student/faculty/staff get-togethers where people can spend some more time together and eat some free food. It’s held every Friday afternoon at 5 o’clock in the student center and helps to keep that collaborative, community character for which Duke strives. Take advantage in the app essays to figure out what you will bring to this community.
  5. “Team Fuqua.” Collaborative leadership is the KEY to Fuqua. Being a leader doesn’t count for much if it’s not integrated with teamwork. Obviously they want self-starters, but individualists need not apply. If you love working in a team, and you are naturally a friendly team person, this is the place for you. If you’ve got great teambuilding experience in your background, bring it home in your essays.

Now that you’ve got the low-down on Duke, get crackin’ on those app essays! Got more questions about the essay questions? Check out our 2012-2013 Duke Fuqua Essay Analysis.