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Darden’s Ding Feedback, The Most Popular B-Schools and More

June 14, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

We may still be early in the application season for 2013, but things aren’t slowing down in the world of b-school admissions. Here are just a few of the big things happening right now:

Darden’s Ding Feedback:

Darden announced that it will be providing feedback to dinged applicants through June 29th, 2012. Pretty great, right? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore why you didn’t make the cut, which is not only good for your peace of mind, but also for your plan to move forward in 2013.

Around here, we always tell our dinged applicants that the first step forward is figuring out what went wrong. Darden is making that a whole lot easier for applicants by providing feedback. If you got dinged elsewhere though, and that school isn’t offering to tell you why, find someone else who will (a peer at work, a friend with an MBA, a boss?), then dig into that application, find the holes and come up with a plan to fill ‘em in for the next round of applications.

The 10 Most Sought-After B-schools:

US News and World report featured the 10 schools that get the most full-time MBA applications (an average of 5,500 per year!). Not surprisingly, HBS was at the top of the list, followed by Columbia Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Wharton.

Does that level of competition make you nervous?

It shouldn’t. The key at these 10 schools, just like any other b-school in the world, is to stand out from the other 5,499 people applying, and make that adcom remember you. And for that, you just gotta be prepared: pull out your best stories to highlight your accomplishments and experience, tighten up those career goals, research your programs in depth, and get recommenders who will fight for you.

More B-Schools Accepting the GRE:

Yup, it’s true. In an attempt to attract more applicants (and a more diverse pool of applicants) over 800 MBA programs around the world are now accepting GRE scores. Which is great news for many, now that the GRE allows you only to submit your best score to target programs.

What’s the difference? And which test is better for YOU? The Princeton Review breaks it all down.

One thing to keep in mind though, if you’re looking to get into management consulting, you’ll want to stick with the GMAT as many of the top firms look at that test score when hiring.

Lots of stuff to keep in mind as you prepare for Round 1, folks. Let the games begin.