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Canadian MBA Crash Course: Schulich (York University)

March 20, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

If you’re considering getting an MBA in Canada, there are lots of great options. Here, we dive into the details of York University’s Schulich School of Business.

The What

Schulich is unique among Canadian MBAs (or any other international MBA) in that it offers both a Toronto-based program as well as the option to complete the first year of your MBA at its Hyderabad campus in India. This unique hook for Indian-based applicants comes with pluses and minuses: On one hand, you can pursue an internationally recognized, 2-year MBA with only one year abroad. That means savings! On the other, this does reduce your international exposure. Still, it’s nice to have the option.

The second campus aside, Schulich is known for having a wide variety of specializations in addition to the traditional consulting and finance paths. Given Rotman’s reputation as Canada’s finance school, their cross-town rival Schulich tends towards a more diverse intake with a wider range of career interests and a strong international bent. The marketing, accounting and entrepreneurship programs are worth noting, and the school (under the leadership of one of the world’s longest-serving deans) was early to recognize the importance of developing international expertise and global offices.

The Who

Schulich’s intake is 50% international, as is 65% of the faculty. Forty-three percent of applicants come from engineering backgrounds and 32% come from business or economics. From there, Schulich students pursue a wide variety of careers, ranging from finance (21%) to tech (20%) to retail (13%) to consulting (9%) and healthcare (6%) – this wide scope ensures a diversity of thought and stands out compared to other top Canadian programs, which tend to be more specialized.

Tuition is also relatively accessible, and the average GMAT scores are at least as competitive as other top Canadian MBA programs.  

Bottom Line

Schulich’s international focus and fantastic ROI make it a strong choice. The Hyderabad campus makes it an obvious choice for Indian applicants wishing to minimize their time abroad. Recognition of the school outside of Canada is not as high as Rotman’s, but still quite good in certain areas (India) and industries.

Stay tuned as we dive into more of Canada’s top programs in Admissionado’s Canadian MBA Crash Course.


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