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Canadian MBA Crash Course: Sauder (UBC)

March 26, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

If you’re considering getting an MBA in Canada, there are lots of great options. Here, we dive into the details of The University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

The What

Do you love the West Coast? Sushi? The Great Outdoors? Want to spend a year the yoga capital of Canada with Seattle just a hop skip and a jump across the border?

Of course you do!

The Sauder School of Business is The University of British Columbia’s MBA program, and your best bet on the West Coast. That gives it a totally different culture from Ontario and Quebec-based schools, one even more focused on access to Asian markets. That’s not to discount the schools’ Canadian focus: as the big dog out West, plenty of Canadian employers recruit from Sauder to fill out the ranks of their West Coast offices in Canada’s third largest metropolis.

Sauder’s international connections are more China-focused, with the opportunity to study part time in Shanghai and a decent alumni network in major Chinese cities. You’ll also have comparatively easier access to Canada’s massive and technologically advanced energy industry.

The Who

Sauder has a balanced applicant pool coming from (yes) Finance (20%) but also Engineering (19%), Construction (12%) and Natural Resources (10%), among others. With slightly lower job placement rates and average starting salaries than Canada’s other top schools, Sauder is focused on students who want to study in Vancouver, British Columbia. That’s no minor detail: as Canada’s premier west coast city, the greater Vancouver area is a boom town with plenty of opportunities and a high and growing percentage of Chinese (19.6%) and South Asian (12%) residents. Chances are, if you’re thinking Sauder, you’re thinking Vancouver for personal or professional reasons. Or maybe you just want to live in Canada without living through near-arctic winters (we can’t blame you)!

Bottom Line

Sauder’s excellent location, varied class intake and deep connections to both the Canadian West Coast and Asia-Pacific make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to study in Canada while keeping a foot in Asia.

Stay tuned as we dive into more of Canada’s top programs in Admissionado’s Canadian MBA Crash Course.


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