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Canadian MBA Crash Course: Desautels (McGill)

March 30, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

If you’re considering getting an MBA in Canada, there are lots of great options. Here, we dive into the details of The University of Montreal’s Desautels Faculty of Management.

The What

Montreal does things a little bit differently. Maybe it’s the city’s large Francophone population or maybe it’s their amazing bagels, but Canada’s second city feels like a small slice of Europe in the heart of North America.

This Old World flair is reflected in Desautels’ extremely tightknit (some might say exclusive!) class of only 70-90 students—an opportunity for anyone admitted and a competitive barrier for applicants. The school’s graduates primarily stick to Montreal or Toronto for work, with a combined 80% of graduates finding work in one of these two cities. Maybe it’s because they’ve forgotten what warm weather feels like? Or they learn to love Canada?

Finally, although the graduating class mostly stays in Canada, Montreal is a decent starting point to find employment with a European company. Many Old World, and particularly French, firms use Montreal as an American home base. It’s also a solid choice for those interested in honing their French, though the accent is substantially different from the metropolitan variety.

The Who

The Desautels student body reflects the broader Montreal melting pot: 20% of the intake’s mother tongue is French, with 40% speaking primarily English while the rest come from various backgrounds. China, France, and India are the top three sources of international students. Those students will have no difficulty communicating, however: 95% percent of students are bilingual, and a whopping two-thirds are trilingual.

In terms of background, engineering is well-represented (35%), as is accounting and finance. Graduates go on to achieve solid placements, though the schools higher on this list achieved slightly better salaries.

Bottom Line

Although it isn’t as focused on international placements, McGill’s Desautels School of Management is an exclusive, tightknit program that’s an ideal launching pad for a career in Canada.

Stay tuned as we dive into more of Canada’s top programs in Admissionado’s Canadian MBA Crash Course.


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