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BSchool News: India’s MBA Future and More

August 30, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

This week, the news is looking east… waaaaay east. Not NYC, folks. India, to be precise.

India’s set to be one of the BIG economic powers in the next few decades, if they play their cards right. Whether you plan on heading to India after graduation or not, we’ve got great MBA school tips for you.

India Needs MBA Talent

If India is going to catch up to China, bschool grads are KEY. We know plenty of you out there are looking to fill that Indian talent gap.

Emphasize Extracurriculars in Your MBA App

Remember, folks, it’s not all about great GPAs and test scores. GET ACTIVE.

Four Things You Need for BSchool

Here’s a hint: start getting professional.

CBS Names Indian Executive In Residence

A new Fortune 500 CEO looks to integrate executives into bschool life.