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BSchool News: Application Essay Tone and More

October 25, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

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Writing an application essay can be like writing a personals ad or your profile for a dating website. What do you say to grab the adcom’s attention? How do you sound believable? How do you maximize your desirability while being honest and not coming off as totally full of yourself? You’re looking to invest in a long-term relationship, so you’ve got to get this right.

On top of all that, there’s some cool articles about the most selective MBA programs, Sloan trying to make up for a BIG mistake, and the opportunities to get a job after graduation…

Striking the Perfect Tone in MBA Essays

Confidence without arrogance.

The Pickiest Business Schools on Earth

Stanford is pickier than HBS? Who knew?

Sloan Pays MBA Admits $20K to Go Away

The dangers of too many acceptances. Would you be happy with a 40% discount to wait a year?

Job Opportunities Abound for Full-Time MBA Class of 2012

Almost 96% of MBA grads got job offers… how do you beat that?