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“Ask The Professor” on Facebook

November 02, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

In all our time in the admissions consulting biz, Admissionado’s never had a proper brick-and-mortar office in the U.S. Our consultants and clients are spread out all over the globe, so we figured it wouldn’t really benefit anyone to hang a shingle outside the local mini-mall or office complex.

That said… we get it. We know how helpful it can be to have someone at a desk fielding your questions whenever they come up. And we know they come up often, at all hours of the day (and, inevitably, in the middle of the night).  When that happens, we want to be there to help. That’s why we’re plopping Yaron Dahan, MBA admissions expert and Admissionado “professor,” in front of his computer to answer anything you’ve got.

Just post your questions on our Facebook wall and he’ll step in to help.  Ask him any question, anytime. No need to rearrange your schedule to get online when we’re online… you’ve got access to an expert whenever you need it (or whenever you’re taking a much needed break from those apps to peruse photos of your friends who aren’t spending every waking hour writing about their career goals).

Oh yeah, and it’s totally free. So, Like us on Facebook and swing by the “office” anytime you want.