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Hey, check it out. There is something here for everyone

September 27, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

Take what you need:

Considering an MBA or Masters program? Join us in NYC this Saturday at the QS MBA and Grad Tour. Senior MBA Consultants Seth Shapiro (HBS) and Doris Huang (Wharton) will be there to chat with you. Register for the MBA Tour HERE and Grad Tour HERE.

Starting the MBA application process? Here’s a guide to researching and selecting schools effectively. Completing this step thoroughly will help you down the line when you’ve got to convince your dream schools that you really “fit.” Here’s why they care so much about that.

Invited to interview? Congratulations! But you’re not done! Check out this live chat between Admissionado Founder, Raj Patil, and Senior MBA Consultant, Rob Gleeson, to learn how to prepare for your MBA interviews and make sure you make the right impression. 

Wherever you are in the process, we’re here to help you through. Good luck!


***NEW Admissionado Products & Services for MBA/Masters!***Now, read up and get smart:

That’ll get you started. Still have questions? Reach out, and let’s gab.

Our only requirement is that you don’t prefer warm milk over cold milk. Everyone else, 100% welcome.

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