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News Flash: The 25 Best College Campus Student Unions

October 16, 2013 :: Admissionado Team

Student unions are NOT organized labor groups campaigning for overtime pay for students pulling all-night cram sessions. Sorry to burst your bubble. But they are the sun around which the university planets revolve, pulling students into their orbit with clubs, meetings, services, and often campus dining. So it’s no surprise that many universities are investing a LOT of money into revitalizing their student unions. After all, student unions are a major part of campus life.

Trying to figure out where the improv troupe meets? Check the student union. Looking for a midday snack? You’ll probably find some sustenance in the student union. Music practice rooms? Performance spaces? Bathrooms? Job fair? Office of Student Activities? Dance lessons? Couches to take a nap on spread out and study on for hours? Head towards the student union–you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. published this list of the top 25 student unions. And these facilities are no joke.

Here are their top five:

  1. Student Union, Oklahoma State University
  2. Mountainlair, West Virginia University
  3. New Ohio Union, Ohio State University
  4. EMU Student Center, Eastern Michigan University
  5. J. Wayne Reitz Union, University of Florida

Only three of the Ivy Leagues are represented in the list, with UPenn‘s Houston Hall coming in at #11, Columbia University‘s Alfred Lerner Hall at #18, and Cornell University‘s Willard Straight Hall at #21. (Come on Ivy League–step it up!)

Take a look at the article and peruse the shiny glass windows, ivy-colored brick walls, and curling metallic sculptural details that make these buildings truly eye-catching.


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