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Presenting The #FirstGen10: A Scholarship Program for First-Generation Students

March 10, 2016 :: admisdev

The First-Gen Ten Scholarship

Dear Parents,

Today, our innie turned into an outtie. A neat milestone in our company’s history. We have been informal practitioners of “giving back” over the years. It has manifested in dozens of mostly invisible ways. Pro bono work, to name one example, goes back to our earliest days when we regularly volunteered our time to help as many hungry applicants as we possibly could. Our motivation? Simple, it was the right thing to do. In fact, those decisions were never conscious.

In response to a growing itch among our ever-expanding roster of passionate mentors to turn invisible to visible, we are proud to introduce The Admissionado First-Gen Ten, a Scholarship Program for students whose parents immigrated to America. Navigating the U.S. admissions process can elude the savviest of parents, even those who were born in America and have navigated the process themselves! Many immigrants face the unique challenge of providing opportunities and guidance to their children in an environment they are learning and mastering themselves. Our hope is to fill any gaps that may result from such well-intentioned parents relying on assumptions that may not carry over from their home countries to the intricacies of the U.S. education and admissions system.


We will be awarding scholarships to ten of the brightest, most ambitious, First-Generation students in the U.S. Winners will be connected to mentors of our elite roster, graduates of illustrious institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and so on. These are admissions experts who understand how to navigate this process (successfully) better than anyone: they did it themselves, and also have lived alongside hundreds of others who cracked the process as well. No one understands the profile nuances of successful applicants better. Our mentors will provide customized, one-on-one guidance to each student at every step of the process.

The deadline for submitting a First-Gen Ten application is April 20, 2016, and final selections will be made by May 1, 2016. The process will be relatively simple, but fair warning: we are searching for high affinity students prepared to put in their share of work. This is not meant for the meek. Achieving greatness requires sweat.

Inspired? Interested in stretching your potential? Click here to learn more and  join us as we head to the top of the Admissions Everest together. We promise you, the view is spectacular.

Raj Patil & Jon Frank

The Admissionado Founders