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Is Double Majoring Worth It? Exploring the Pros and Cons

November 19, 2023 :: Admissionado Team

In today’s competitive job market, having a single major may not always be enough to set you apart. Double majoring can provide a unique edge, demonstrating your dedication, adaptability, and intellectual curiosity. However, it’s not without its challenges. This article explores the pros and cons of double majoring, helping you decide if it’s the right path for you.

The Pros of Double Majoring

1. Competitive Edge in the Job Market Double majoring showcases several qualities that are highly valued by employers:

  • You are hardworking.
  • You take initiative and can take on difficult tasks.
  • You are very knowledgeable and well rounded.
  • You are adaptable to different kinds of thinking.
  • You’re intellectually curious.
  • You manage your time well.
  • You’re focused, responsible, and goal-oriented.

2. Enhanced Academic Experience Double majoring allows you to explore and integrate different fields of study. This can be particularly beneficial if your chosen fields complement each other, such as Economics and Political Science or Business and Performing Arts. These combinations can provide a more comprehensive understanding and open up diverse career opportunities. Some popular double major combinations include:

  • Foreign Language and Economics: Ideal for careers in international business or diplomacy.
  • Performing Arts and Business: Great for managing arts organizations or working in entertainment management.
  • Journalism and Political Science: Perfect for aspiring political journalists or analysts.

3. Better Graduate Program Prospects Graduate programs often look favorably upon candidates with a double major. It signals to admissions committees that you are capable of handling rigorous academic work and have a well-rounded educational background. This can give you an edge when applying to competitive programs.

The Cons of Double Majoring

1. Limited Elective Time 

One of the primary downsides of double majoring is the reduced flexibility in your schedule. With the need to meet the requirements for two majors, there’s less room for elective courses that might interest you.

2. Potential Impact on Extracurricular Activities 

Balancing two majors can be time-consuming, potentially limiting your ability to participate in extracurricular activities, which are also valuable for personal development and networking.

3. Challenges with Study Abroad Programs 

Certain double majors may not align well with study abroad opportunities. Required courses for one or both majors might not be available at foreign institutions, making it difficult to fit a semester abroad into your academic plan. It’s essential to check with academic advisors to see if your desired majors are compatible with study abroad programs.

Making the Decision: Is Double Majoring Right for You?

When deciding whether to double major, think about your future career. What skills will you need? What will make you stand out to potential employers? Talking to professionals in your desired field can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. 

Double majoring is an excellent way to blend professional interests with personal passions. For instance, combining Economics with Political Science can give you a robust understanding of both markets and government systems, valuable in many careers.

ltimately, double majoring is a personal choice. If you are willing to take on the additional workload and are passionate about both fields, it can be incredibly rewarding. However, if you prefer a more balanced college experience with room for exploration and extracurricular activities, a single major might be a better fit.


Double majoring can provide a significant advantage in the job market and enhance your academic experience. However, it also requires careful planning and dedication. By weighing the benefits and drawbacks, and considering your career goals and personal interests, you can make an informed decision about whether double majoring is the right path for you.