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Top 5 Undergraduate Psychology Programs

December 13, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

Psychology is more than just shrinking heads. It’s a field that’s heavy on the research, and you’ll need research opportunities to build valuable skills and relationships with faculty, all crucial to life after college. Here’s our list for the Top 5 Undergraduate Psychology Programs in the U.S.

#5 University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN

The Twin Cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul, are the urban backdrop for the University of Minnesota. To become a Psych major, you must first apply to the College of Liberal Arts, in which you’ll receive a broad-based foundation in quantitative reasoning and the scientific method along with arts and humanities.

#4 University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI

The globally recognized psychology department at University of Michigan boasts the top experts in the field, and also gives students the opportunity to work hands-on with faculty as research assistants in research labs. The department also keeps your future in mind with opportunities for career development – including mentorships, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

#3 University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

At UPenn, the psychology department in the School of Arts and Sciences puts a high emphasis on preparation for graduate study and career development. The department offers a wide range of research topics – from brain and cognitive science to clinical and social psychology – plenty of choices to really get your hands dirty.

#2 Yale University
New Haven, CT

Yale offers its world-renowned psychology department along with one of the top liberal arts programs in the country. With research opportunities ranging from developmental psychology to neuroscience and faculty highly cited and awarded by the APA, you’ll be running with psych rock stars.

#1 Stanford University
Stanford, CA

Stanford offers a wide selection of psychology courses that can provide a background for almost any career – business, education, law, medicine, social work, and of course, psychology. Outside of class, there are countless unique opportunities to participate in ongoing research, and if none of those are your style, you can design and conduct your own studies through the Senior Honors Program.

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By Tiffany Chen, Admissionado Senior Consultant