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Risk Taking In Application Essays – From the Founders Podcast

September 16, 2016 :: Admissionado Team

Admissionado's From The Founders Podcast

“There was one moment, though, that seemed to light some eyes up around the room… the moment I spoke about taking risks in application essays.”

Our General manager, Sarish Kasat, took some time to sit down with our Co-Founder, Raj Patil, to discuss a recent talk he had given to a group of highly motivated students and parents in Portland, Oregon. While the talk was wide-ranging, one of the main topics was Raj’s perspective on taking risks when writing application essays. He talks about two forces at play in many student’s heads while writing.

  1. The desire of a student to truly express themselves in a particular way.
  2. A “vapor of nervousness that enshrouds the entire process of not making mistakes, not stepping into danger territory.

Force #1 often gets overpowered by force #2. Where do students go from there? Listen in.

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