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News Flash: 10 Happiest Cities for College Grads

December 24, 2019 :: Admissionado Team

Commencement day. You made it to the stage without tripping, took your diploma and shook the Dean’s hand semi-gracefully, and found your way back to your seat, also without tripping. So far, your post-college life is going pretty okay. You take some pictures with your friends and family, and then step outside the auditorium to head to…where? The real world?! It’s only a matter of time before the euphoria of tossing your cap in the air wears off and you realize…oh yeah, you need to find a job (if you don’t already have one lined up.) So where is a college grad to go? Forbes and CareerBliss.com announced this list of 10 Happiest Cities for College Grads, so check this out for some possible inspiration.

When they say “happy,” they mean it: they’re not just talking about the amount of money recent college grads earned or the ability to actually FIND a job, but a combination of recent grads’ cost-of-living-adjusted salary and overall career happiness. Data was measured by the American Council For Community and Economic Research.

Here are the ten cities on the list, and the median salaries:

  1. St. George Utah: $60,781
  2. Charlotte, NC: $57,234
  3. Houston, TX: $62,500
  4. Pittsburg, PA: $52,820
  5. Detroit, MI: $64,555
  6. San Diego, CA: $75,492
  7. San Jose, CA: $81,750
  8. Seattle, WA: $70,927
  9. San Francisco, CA: $67,641
  10. Boston, MA: $63,919

Check out the Forbes article for more info.

The biggest shocker here is that bigger cities aren’t always the best choice for college grads—because a dollar doesn’t go as far. So New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made, did NOT make the list. Neither did Los Angeles.

That’s not to say you can’t find career satisfaction in NYC or LA. And like all lists, these are just reporting on the majority. With enough hard work and ingenuity, you can, as Ol’ Blue Eyes says, “make it anywhere.”


By Emily Herzlin, Admissionado Senior Editor


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