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Educelerate Chicago Will Explore The “Shared Economy” In Education

March 14, 2016 :: Admissionado Team

Educelerate Chicago

If there’s one thing we’re HUGE fans of here at Admissionado, it’s made up words, especially those that are well-crafted enough to combine two of our favorite things…

Educelerate Chicago | Admissionado

That’s why our team is super jazzed up about Educelerate’s Education On Demand panel hosted at 1871 in Chicago on March 24. Founders from four AWESOME education and edtech startups (including Admissionado’s CEO and COO!) will be discussing the potential for the “Shared Economy” in education.

Why We Believe This Is Incredibly Important

This panel, and many others like it which Educelerate facilitates each year, are immensely important. Why? Because whenever a bunch of smart, forward-looking folks who are passionate about education get together, it simply means one thing: the students we all strive to help are going to derive benefit in some way.

Educelerate does an amazing job of bringing together companies that are leading the charge when it comes to innovation in Edtech. They sort of organize the fellowship that’s taking the ring to Mordor. This is actually the second year in row that we’ve been part of the Chicago panel/fellowship. We’re excited to compare notes and discuss how we can explore some of the technologies and innovations companies like Uber, Airbnb and TaskRabbit are already using, to create value for students.

It should be a great conversation with some very talented people, so grab your tickets and come hang out with us! Here’s a little more about who will be there.

Adjunct Professor Link – Kathleen Gibson

Adjunct Professor Link is a higher education staffing company focused on connecting adjunct teachers, professional educators and expert instructors, with higher education institutions.

Kathleen Gibson is APL’s founder and CEO, and former Assistant Dean at Valparaiso University.

The Graide Network – Blair Pircon

The Graide Network is an online platform that connects teachers with qualified teaching assistants to grade and provide thorough feedback on student assignments.

Blair Pircon is Co-Founder and CEO of The Graide Network and previously attended Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Mntors – Peter Le

Mntors is an online platform where job seekers can network with and pay for on-demand career advising services from working professionals in all industries.

Peter Le is Mntors Founder and CEO.

Admissionado (that’s us!) – Jon Frank & Lauren Herskovic

Admissionado is a premier college undergraduate and MBA consulting company focused on one thing: helping students from around the world get into the very best possible schools they can get into.

Jon Frank is a graduate of both Brown University and Harvard Business School, and is Admissionado’s Co-Founder and CEO. ()

Lauren Herskovic attended the University of Michigan and is Admissionado’s COO.

Need some help with a college application? That’s what we’re here for!