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College News: Avoiding Scholarship Fraud, College Budgeting and More

July 26, 2012 :: Admissionado Team

Dolla bills, y’all. This week, it’s all about the money. And not just managing it, but making sure that you don’t lose it to scammers. On top of that, we’re talking Greeks…

The Most Popular and Respected Frats and Sororities

Going with a Greek organization can really enrich your college experience, helping you make new friends and professional connections that can last a lifetime. The fraternities and sororities across the U.S. range in focus from academic concentration to ethnic heritage to social responsibility, so you should always be able to find the one for you on campus.

Budget Wisely for Second Year College Costs

Budgeting can be a tough new concept for college students managing their own finances, especially since costs CHANGE from year to year. Keeping a close eye on your expenses from year to year—everything from tuition to grocery bills—will help you stay on top of things and is GREAT practice for when you’re out of school.

Avoid Scholarship Scams

We get how important finding ways to pay for college can be, and figuring out which opportunities are legit can be tough, especially for you international students. If they want you to pay something up front, whether it’s for a seminar or to reserve  scholarship or for any other reason, it’s probably a scam, so be careful of unfamiliar e-mails and pop-ups offering scholarships.