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Resume Editing – $595

Whether for business school admission or a job in the real world, a solid resume can be the difference between an interview and a quick dismissal into the garbage pile. Sometimes all it takes is a glance. Trust us, we review resumes all the time, and we make the same snap judgments that adcoms make when reviewing yours. The resumes that warrant a closer look all have the same elements in common. And it isn’t just one thing. It is the confluence of several elements working together to create a document that commands attention and respect.

All style and questionable substance will only get you so far. Similarly, all substance with zero style can also be limiting. There must be a proper balance of both. First we go after substance. We will review every single bulletpoint and word of your resume with a fine-tooth comb and drill you for specificity, help you identify superfluous detail, and help you reorganize all the elements toward a more powerful overall effect. On the second edit, we switch gears and help you ratchet up the look and feel, so that everything looks nice and tight and you can let the strength of the content advance to the forefront to be the star of the show.

Letters of Recommendation – $595

Letters of Recommendation can be a tricky area. We are happy to offer your recommenders advice throughout the process (if they are agreeable to such an arrangement). Or, we are happy to help you develop mini-outlines that some recommenders request. And of course we are happy to review recommendations and offer feedback. We expect the same integrity as the schools to which you are applying, regarding the authenticity of your recs, not only from a moral standpoint, but because genuine recommendation letters hold tremendous potential power in bolstering your application. The opposite is true of obviously counterfeit recs (i.e., those written by the applicants themselves).

We will also evaluate all required recommendations for one school (up to 2) over the course of 2 passes: 1 high-level round of feedback and a 2nd pass with in-line comments, with your recommenders’ consent. Please contact us at for more specifics on our policies here. In two drafts, we can steer the process and help your recommenders improve the effectiveness of the letters significantly. Same with the Resume, the LORs can occur at any point during the process. As a side note, however, we recommend that you initiate the process of securing your commitments by your recommenders as early as you possibly can. The process always takes longer than you might expect, and it’s in your best interest to give yourself plenty of breathing room here.

Interview Prep Packages

We see it all the time – applicants get invited to interview and mistakenly think their work is done. But it’s only just begun. The MBA interview is more important than ever. In the past few years, business schools have cut their essays in half, putting more emphasis on the interview. Your stats, your goals, your experience – they can get this from your written application, but the interview is your only chance to show who you are as a person and how you’ll contribute to their community and their network. And these qualities are weighted just as much, if not more, than all the rest.

So if you want to get in, you HAVE to crush the interview. You must approach the MBA interview with as much attention and rigor as the rest of those application materials. This is a make it or break it moment, so let’s make sure you make it, shall we?

Our interview prep is rigorous. We’re going to put you through the wringer so you’re ready, no matter what question comes your way. As soon as our clients complete interviews, we contact them to learn exactly what transpired behind closed doors, keeping us on the cutting edge of each school’s (sometimes unique) interview processes. We combine this information with years of experience to prepare you for your MBA interviews.

Standard Interview Prep – $725

Our Standard package includes two LIVE sessions (phone or Skype):

  • Session 1 is our time to prep you. We’ll make some general comments about your application, outline, and approach. We’ll talk about interview trends, things to watch out for, stories to have ready, and all our general do’s and don’ts.
  • Session 2 is the mock interview. We’ll simulate a 35-minute interview, followed by 15 minutes of feedback.

Premium Interview Prep – $1,195

The best interviewees share one essential trait: confidence. For those interested in giving their interview skills a real workout, we offer a robust extended course in the Premium Package. Whereas our Standard Interview Prep has 2 sessions, our Premium Prep service – designed for applicants looking for more in-depth support – has those same two sessions… and more. This program, consisting of one prep session and two mock interviews, is designed to turn even the most timid candidates into confident conversationalists.

The Premium Interview Prep Package begins with a deep dive into your profile and application. From there, we’ll create an Action Plan, laying out your go-to stories for your interviews, and any red flags you may need to address. We’ll then perform a mock interview, followed by a detailed analysis and written feedback, and then do one more mock interview to make sure you’re polished and ready to go for the big day.

*For those applicants with multiple interviews scheduled, each of the mock interviews can be tailored to the particular questions and styles of individual programs, leaving you well prepared for each specific interview.

This package includes 3 LIVE sessions (phone or Skype):

  • Session 1 is our time to prep you. We’ll make some general comments about your application, outline, and approach. We’ll talk about interview trends, things to watch out for, stories to have ready, and all our general do’s and don’ts.
  • Follow Up from Session 1 includes MBA analysis, plus a detailed Action Plan for approaching your interviews.
  • Session 2 is a video recorded mock interview. Together with your consultant (and your Action Plan!) you will work through the smartest, cleanest positioning for your interview.
  • Follow up from Session 2 includes a deep analysis of your interview strengths and weaknesses (focusing both on content and delivery), in addition to a recording of the interview.
  • Session 3 is a second mock interview, conducted after you’ve had a chance to watch your initial interview and digest the feedback from your consultant. The opportunity to see and hear yourself will give you the perspective you need to perfect your interview skills.