September 4, 2015

MBA Reapplicant Essay Analysis

Optional & Reapplicant

Okay my friends, today we would like to talk about the MBA REAPPLICATION process. And there is more to it, of course,than just the essays; MBA reapplications are an ART form, gang. Essentially, you are answering the question, “How can I show that I have improved enough to make the cut THIS year, even though I didn’t LAST year.” The answer, as always, is pretty simple.

There are many things you can do and here today as an MBA reapplicant. We will highlight three:

1) Get feedback on your old app. This is perhaps the most critical piece. Have an expert read through your application. This could be a consultant, or even a current or former adcom member. Reach out to them for feedback. Some schools will provide it, and they may also take note that you showed this additional interest.

2) Make small, continuous improvements. Again folks, you have TIME on your side. Sign up for an additional extra-curricular. Retake the GMAT. Take on some additional work at your job. The main mistake that most folks make as reapplicants is that their application looks…just like it did the first time. This obviously begs the question: why should we accept you now, and not last year?

3) Turn your misfortune into…GOLD. The key to a reapplication is to show improvement. In a perverse way, last year’s rejection actually puts you at a distinct advantage–your application now has a purpose. “Last year I did THAT, but I fixed it and now I do THIS.” If you nail it, and if you address the issues that were raised (in numbers 1 and 2 above) you are in a unique position to show IMPROVEMENT. You can show how hard you work, how you stick to your goals, and how you solve problems in the face of obstacles. This is actually a tremendous opportunity that first-time applicants do not have.

Last year’s misfortune can become a distinct advantage for you. You just need to tell the story the right way.


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