Axolotl: Nursing My Post-Submission Hangover

AxolotlThe app is in and I’m now nursing a post-submission hangover. Maybe the wrong analogy since I’m getting more sleep, feeling less stressed, and being less neurotic overall.

Since submission I’ve had the chance to re-visit my first choice school, the GSB, where some of my former coworkers, college friends, and new acquaintances helped guide me through all that Stanford has to offer (weather. seriously.). Other than providing me some perspective and an opportunity to sit in on a number of classes and see student life first-hand, it helped reinforce the value of b-school and my commitment to going.

At the end of the day, I see b-school like I saw undergrad: it’s all about the people. Yes, learning the technical skills are important, and having a class taught by the chairman of JetBlue or the Chief Accounting Officer at Cisco (real things at the GSB) is awesome, but the community is fundamentally what will make me a better business person.

In my short visit I saw that having a group of people from various industries with unique perspectives is a worthwhile and productive aim.

So now that my vision is even more crystallized it’s onto preparing for interviews. Jon and the Admissionado team have been kind enough to mock interview me, which has been huuuugely helpful to prepare me (with any luck / hope / prayer) for  a real interview.

Axolotl’s a Finance guy looking for an MBA to make some moves in the Private Equity/Venture Capital world. He’s been documenting his MBA application experience every other week. Catch up here

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