Axolotl: Come On, Stanford!

AxolotlSo after submitting over a month ago, still no news! We’re on Week 2, Day 8 of 22, of Interview Watch and there’s radio silence from the Powers That Be at the GSB other than a rude update e-mail on Monday.

“Rude? How so?” you might ask.

Well, after doing initial prep for interviews and then promptly settling into a nice rhythm of not thinking about my application, I got an e-mail from Stanford labeled “Round 1 Update.” What could it be? An invite? A rejection?? First line: “First things first–this update is not specific to your Stanford MBA application.”

Rudeness! I understand they need to put people’s fears to rest about timing of interviews (I’ve already heard of more than a few freakout stories from people who think they’re not getting an invite despite our being barely a third of the way in), but the title of the update might have been better crafted. “New blog post,” for instance.

Anyway life is back to semi-normal not having to think about invites until the 19th, by which time the adcom says “the majority of invites will have been sent.” Looking forward to preparing, going over my resume, and internalizing my stories until then and not stressing about getting an interview.

I’ve certainly learned a lot through this process, about Stanford and about myself, so (hopefully this isn’t cognitive dissonance) I won’t regret doing this even if I don’t get an interview invite. Walking through my application has forced me to consider alternate career paths, what I’d do without business school, and what I really want to get out of the next few years of my life.

Good luck to all–looking forward to hearing all the great news from people coming in the next few weeks!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for our pal, Axolotl. Catch up on his full application adventure riiiight here.

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