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The most successful MBA applicants all share one thing in common: they have a plan.

And planning for an elite MBA takes months, even years to achieve the goal of getting into a top business school. This isn’t speculation–it’s based on our eight years of data (and 30,000+ applications). Longer-term clients fare the best by far among prospects at elite programs. This is why roughly 1/3 of all Admissionado MBA clients start with our Advanced Planning Program.

Admissionado’s MBA Advanced Planning (AP) Package is designed to help high-achieving candidates craft their backgrounds before they actually apply – be it for a one-year, or even a two- or three-year period. This head start vastly increases applicants’ chances at earning a seat at a top MBA program.

Starting Early Pays Off…

“There can be 50 different factors that can play against you when you apply to top MBA programs. In my case, perhaps 100. So working with the Admissionado team a year in advance of when I was applying was crucial. They helped me take those 100 down to nearly zero. Through this Advanced Planning program, with my consultant’s guidance, I was able to find opportunities to expand my profile and make me a more competitive applicant. And coming from the most competitive demographic there is – Indian IT Male – that made all the difference. The Admissionado team was very patient with me, they helped me see things in a different light and have helped me regain my confidence in a lot of ways I can’t express. Not only did I eventually get into my dream school (Wharton!), but I learnt so much about myself in this journey. It was exceptional working with Admissionado!”

KK – Delhi

Admissionado’s AP Program pairs clients directly, one-on-one, with one of our elite MBA consultants. These mentors will be your guide throughout the process.

Leveraging strengths is somewhat easy. The real challenge lies in identifying weaknesses, and identifying them early, so that we can then take calculated steps to turn them into strengths. Admissionado’s AP program begins with an exhaustive Discovery Process, digging deep into your background to get a 360-degree view of your profile. Once this Discovery is complete, the consultant will assess where you stand today, and lay out a plan to strengthen your profile over time.

Once this initial assessment is complete, and once an Action Plan has been laid out, our MBA consultant will engage you in one-on-one mentorship sessions every month to steer you toward decisions that will result in maximum impact come application time.

The AP program is highly customized, and no two plans are identical. But all plans revolve around our four main areas for profile maximization:

1. Career

As an MBA applicant, nothing is more critical to your application than your career progression. Admissionado consultants will help you map your career objectives and keep you on track on a regular basis: what projects to take on, what roles to pursue, what jobs to consider, best practices in seeking promotions, and other ways to extract the most value with your MBA app in mind. If you’ve had some blemishes on your resume (laid off, unemployed, etc.), we also provide full cover letter, resume, and interview prep support throughout your job search.

2. Extra-Curriculars

MBA programs accept people, not profiles. We focus on helping you to master your extra-curricular profile, whether through non-profit work, or other leadership-based opportunities. We’ll guide you in identifying programs, roles, and positions that will further increase your profile attractiveness.

3. Leadership

For all top MBA programs (not just HBS!), leadership remains one of the critical indicators of future success. Our mentors will push you hard in this area. Whether it’s identifying leadership experiences in your existing profile or helping you to find new leadership opportunities, we’ll make sure this aspect of your application gleams.

4. Academic

Is your GPA low? Do you come from a conspicuously non-quant background? There are things you can do to overcome these challenges, and since you’re starting early, you have time to strengthen this area of your profile! Your consultant will help you identify classes you can take or alternative moves you can make to bolster your academic standing. Your consultant can also help you develop a plan to prepare for the GMAT. While this does not include actual test prep, we will help keep you organized and help you choose effective, intelligent test prep approaches.

For International Applicants Only

For International Applicants who are not confident in their business English skills – written or spoken – we also offer the option of adding on a Language Regimen for $1,000 more.

One of the key disadvantages International students face is meeting a level of proficiency in English that goes beyond a strong TOEFL or IELTS score. Many International students struggle to express themselves effectively in the classroom setting. Admissions committees now screen for this capability throughout the application process.

We work closely with Speak! Language Center, one of the world’s leaders in language education and business English. B-Speak! is this educational company’s exclusive business English course, designed for the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, where they offer expert online English Language Training. Now through Admissionado’s signature B-Speak! program, you can boost your language skills on standardized tests and in highly communicative MBA classes and study groups; this is a foundational skill that will pay dividends for a lifetime. Admissionado, working with B-Speak!, helps train you in any of the following areas, based on your specific needs:

1. TOEFL Prep

This one-on-one course focuses on helping you hone your English speaking and listening skills in preparation for taking (or retaking) the TOEFL. Instructors will closely assess your particular strengths and weaknesses, and then tailor lessons and mock-tests accordingly.

2. MBA English Prep

Designed with and at the request of top U.S. business schools, this service combines flexible, personalized one-on-one lessons with a complementary online curriculum. B-Speak instructors act as linguistic-cultural coaches, helping you practice and polish your English before the academic year starts so you can start business school with confidence and raised hands.

The B-Speak Spoken English Course provides:

  • Pronunciation and intonation exercises in a business context
  • Thought-provoking readings and discussions on relevant business topics
  • Videos for listening practice and further discussion
  • Business vocabulary-building and idiomatic English exercises

The B-Speak Written English Course provides:

  • Resume and cover letter training
  • Guidance for writing business proposals, case studies, and other business-related assignments
  • Practice with effective transitional phrases, phrasing and paraphrasing, and vocabulary
  • English grammar lessons

3. International MBA Interview Prep

For international students, competing in the critical area of MBA interviews is often a daunting challenge. The B-Speak MBA Interview Prep course is designed specifically for non-native speakers of English. We will help you not only with WHAT you say during your MBA interview, but give you the confidence to master how you say it! The course includes:

  • Graded mock interviews
  • Customized instruction to help you with your unique pronunciation and intonation problems
  • Tips on how to answer specific common questions
  • Guided practice exercises with your B-Speak! coach

Through its intensive course of study, Admissionado and B-Speak provide the most comprehensive—and fully customizable—course of MBA English study currently available to International MBA applicants.

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