Raj Patil

Raj has lived and worked in Hollywood since graduating from Brown University in 1999.

He began his career in the trenches but was quickly promoted to a development position, reading and developing screenplays with writers. His colleagues were quick to recognize Raj’s rare ability to detect structural and thematic problem spots, and to guide a better path forward.

With a few years of development under his belt, Raj earned admission to USC’s film school, the premier directing program in the world. Throughout the back-breaking three years of hands-on training, Raj touched every aspect of storytelling, including film editing, sound editing, cinematography, script analysis, and of course, directing. Since graduating from USC, Raj has worked as a professional film editor, script doctor, sound editor, and director—all critical aspects of a storyteller’s arsenal. Raj is also a food enthusiast, and should you have the misfortune of asking, he will eagerly share his strong opinions on the proper hydration protocol for pizza dough (“anywhere between 63 and 64%”).

Since founding Admissionado, Raj’s clients have been accepted at the world’s top business programs, including HBS, Stanford, and Wharton. Yet it is Raj’s creative background that has proven so instrumental in helping applicants express themselves. A master storyteller, Raj has literally made a living out of helping aspiring writers tell their stories, and he does so with his unique brand of elegance, polish, and boundless creativity.

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