Jon Frank

Jon is a natural, talented leader. What kinds of projects does he lead exactly? Pick a field, any field.

While at Brown, Jon gravitated quickly to real estate development – or as he puts it, “building things.” Early in his career, he learned the art of financial engineering at ING Clarion in New York City. He next ventured into the world of developing affordable housing in Cincinnati, managing new developments, leading project teams, and doing some good for the world along the way.

Jon’s next stop was at Harvard to receive his MBA. Turning down offers to attend Stanford, Kellogg, and other elite programs, Jon dove headlong into HBS’s courses, extra-curriculars, and developing an unusual (and questionable) obsession with the film Multiplicity. HBS also provided Jon with the opportunity to conduct a full orchestra, directing an original musical production with a budget of $80,000. HBS also positioned Jon for his next job at Trammell Crow Residential, the country’s premier multifamily real estate firm.

Today, Jon is a serial entrepreneur. He has helped thousands of MBA aspirants over the years, offering sage and earnest advice to each. Through his work, Jon draws heavily on his own broad base of personal successes. But perhaps his greatest asset is the care and attention he gives to each of his clients. A pragmatist, a prudent strategist, and aspiring musical director—all bundled into one—Jon Frank is the ultimate example of a balanced and eminently approachable expert.

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