Ipshita Jain

A dreamer at heart, Ipshita likes to imagine a perfect world where each product is beautifully designed and insanely successful.

Prior to her MBA at Tuck, she headed a product group at the largest retail chain in India and founded an e-commerce company, which she sold off before b-school. Currently, she leads a product management team in the healthcare industry, in their newly formed digital innovation center. She has been trying to find that perfect intersection of technology, design and business for the last fifteen years.

When asked about her hometown, she is usually clueless… She was born in Guwahati, India, studied in Ahmedabad, India, spent two years in Hanover, New Hampshire and has resided in Boston for the last eight years. Ipshita earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, a Master’s in Design and an MBA from Dartmouth. She loves listening to all the incredible things b-school prospects have achieved and finding ways to help candidates create memorable applications.

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Tell us something that would surprise us to learn about you.

I was in a motorcycle accident when I was 19, when a mid size cargo vehicle passed over me. I didn’t have any pulse for 30 minutes (in other words dead). Doctors found my pulse but I was in coma for a week after that. It took a year to recover from all the various injuries. But I am all fit and fine now, which probably is no less than a miracles, as many people who witnessed my accident would say…

What’s your all-time favorite memory from business school?

Glen-Tuck – the scotch club that used to meet every Wednesday each week.

Why did you decide to get your MBA?

Networking, leadership skills and some course work... exactly in that order. It was a good decision and I will do it all over again. It has certainly opened many new doors for me, and I feel I am more empowered to start a company or take a leadership position in a company.