Gouri Angadi

Gouri is a licensed Professional Engineer who holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and whose career spans general management, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, aerospace and digital media technology.

As an undergrad, she studied Industrial (Systems) Engineering at the University of Toronto and Ecole Centrale de Lyon. Since graduating she has both worked at multinational conglomerates, such as Bombardier Inc. and General Electric, and headed her own startups. When she’s not thinking about how technology can change the future, she also enjoys ancient history, classical art, and writing.

Gouri is also an avid traveler who has lived on three continents (Asia, North America and Europe) and travelled to over 30 countries. Working with diverse groups has been a highlight of Gouri’s experience. Throughout her life and career, she’s had the opportunity to learn the business cultures of America, India, France, Canada, the U.K., China, Japan, Brazil and the UAE.

Her other interests are animals, books and hot sunny days.

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Why did you go for an MBA?

I got my MBA because I'm from an engineering background and I'm interested in business. I didn't have a specic goal in mind, but I wanted to open more career paths. I think b-school did that.

What was your most embarrassing moment from school?

Probably when I got cold-called and hadn't read the case so I tried making stu up on the spot. That happened a few times. :-P

What's the coolest place you've ever been?

Iceland; Beautiful country and beautiful people. There are lots of cool activities one can do too like hiking a glacier or riding horses. And the water is so fresh and clean.