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We share what we've learned about applying to college (35,000 applications later) to help your student get into the best school they can get into.

The Deluxe Package
(Grades 11-12)

This is our premium service, covering every stitch of the application process. The Deluxe Package begins with strategic personal branding, and does not stop until the student receives admit letters.

What's Included


Client Questionnaire

We ask incredibly targeted questions. Be thoughtful, be honest, but tell us everything. We start the process of identifying your most powerful application opportunities.


Discovery / Strategy Session

We get to know you on a deeper level here. We gather and offer insights on what your particular pathway to a successful application story will be.


Application Action Plan

At this point, we’ve got all the pieces. Now we leverage the secret behind our success: stitching it all together in a concise, custom blueprint/branding bible.


Brainstorming / Outlining

We employ innovative techniques to draw out not just the best stories and ideas, but also the stylistic approach. Our specialty lies in our ability to help each student preserve his/her true voice.


Essay Development

Our approach has no equal. Over four drafts, your essays will go from ugly duckling to swan, showcasing your strongest assets clearly and persuasively.


2nd Mentor Review

A 2nd mentor reviews your app as though it were rejected, explaining why. This novel approach affords key insights into helping you strengthen your case maximally.


Interview Prep

Over two sessions (phone or Skype), we review your best stories, share tips, and analyze your performances, helping you bring your A-game to this make-or-break moment.


Additional Support

Whatever you need, we’re there to help. Waitlist? Choosing from multiple admits? Help with preparing for the journey ahead? We do it all—and we're your partners for life.


Phone/Email Support

Your expert is an email or a phone call away at any time during the process.

The Deluxe Package Pricing

  • 1-School
  • 2-School
  • 3-School
  • 4-School
  • 5-School
  • $4,295
  • $5,495
  • $6,695
  • $7,695
  • $8,695

*If you pay-as-you-go, School #1 is $4,295, each additional is $1,400.

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