Yikun Tan

Born and raised in China, she moved to California with her family during high school years and never left the golden state ever since. She earned BS in Chemical Engineer from UC Berkeley where she also became good friends with campus squirrels. With a burning passion in science and great deal of bravery, she then migrated south and earned a PhD in Chemical Engineering from UC Los Angeles. She enjoyed teaching undergraduate classes and had been nominated to be students’ favorite teaching assistant in the chemical engineering department, AKA. the most awesome TA.

As a senior consultant at global energy, chemical and resource engineering firm Worley, she plays the role as a problem solver and provides engineering recommendations and design packages from option selection to facility construction for international clients such as BP, Shell, Aramco etc.

While at UCLA, she became a yogi as there are as many yoga studios as Starbucks in west LA and has been practicing for 10+ years. She loves nature, animals, and gardening. After years of working with succulents and cacti, she creates her own collections and acquires a magic skill of working with spiky cacti with zero injury.

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