Xander Robinson

Xander’s passion for International Affairs led him from North Carolina to Georgetown University, where he studied in the School of Foreign Service and majored in International Politics with a focus on Foreign Policy and Policy Making. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he focused on the role of cross-cultural understanding and communication, mastering Spanish and studying abroad in Peru. This curriculum along with his unique background (an international family with members in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia), helped him to develop a global perspective. Since graduating college, he has lived in China, Vietnam and Guatemala.
As a mentor working in the admissions consulting space since 2015, Xander most enjoys the one-on-one conversations where mentees think hard about how they want to spend the rest of their life. During his time as a consultant and academic coach, he has helped students get into Stanford, Williams, Columbia, Wellesley, University of Chicago, Duke, CMU Computer Engineering, Oxford, Cambridge, Cornell, UCB, UCLA, WUSTL, Michigan, Rice, NYU, Emory, and many others. He has also worked with students who needed large financial aid packages in order to study abroad, and it has been fulfilling to see colleges and universities reward his students’ hard work and invest in their futures.
Xander’s biggest goal when working with students is their personal development. He wants his students to gain a knowledge of self and an understanding of their interests, motivations, and ability to make changes in their community. He is happiest when he can help students realize not only their potential, but also their place in this chaotic world. When not consulting, Xander reads books, plays basketball, swims, travels, eats street food, and hangs out with his two dogs.

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