Victoria Liberova

Victoria was born and raised in Moscow, but since has lived a truly global life, settling down in South-East Asia.

Victoria is fully engaged in providing strategic advice for the ultra luxury resort owner and operator, Soneva Resorts and SPAs. Prior to that she enjoyed working for Rocket Internet, the world largest startup incubator and corporate strategy for financial institutions like Prudential and Societe Generale. Victoria earned her MBA at INSEAD, spending time both in France and Singapore.

In her free time, when not on a paradise beach, Victoria loves to dance ballet, run in Bangkok Lumpini park and accidentally hit bags doing Muay Thai. She is also involved in running a contemporary and interactive art marketing company that aims to bring emerging artists to the streets and public spaces of Asia.

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Why did you go for an MBA? And how did your experience at school play into that? Did it solve it for you, or spin you in a different direction?

I wanted to have a choice of where to work and live around the world.

Tell us something that would surprise us to learn about you.

I own a star in Ursa Major constellation.

What's your most embarrassing moment from school?

Had a job interview with a suitcase full of french cheese that started to smell.