Sally Radwan

Not many native Egyptian women play basketball competitively, recruit and interview for LBS admissions, and work in strategy and marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Sally Radwan, however, does all three…and more.

Sally comes from a diverse international background. Having grown up in Egypt, she has lived and worked in 5 countries (including Austria, Germany, and the United States) and is fluent in four languages (Arabic, English, German and French). Since getting her MBA from London Business School, Sally has held a number of corporate positions in Fortune 500 technology companies. She is also currently finishing an MSc in Biomedical Engineering at City University London, and she plans to combine her business experience with her background in science and engineering to create sustainable business solutions for the world’s most pressing healthcare problems.

Sally is a bit of an idealist, you see. But as one of our more experienced application mentors, Sally also knows precisely what it takes to get clients into top programs, especially across the overlapping areas of international development, engineering, healthcare, and business.

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