Lauren Fang

Lauren hails from the cornfields of Southwest Ohio specifically. She attended Johns Hopkins University, where she obtained a BS in biomedical engineering, minored in accounting and finance, and completed the pre-med curriculum. While at Hopkins, she shadowed at the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital and conducted research all four years.

After graduating, Lauren joined a gene therapy biopharma company working in quality assurance and technology transfer (meaning that she helps scale up projects to get them ready for commercial manufacturing). While her job greatly helped patients with rare, genetic disorders, Lauren wanted to build a more personal relationship with patients and provide direct care. She decided to become a physician and is currently in the throes of the medical school application process.

Aside from medicine and global health, Lauren’s interests include travel, cooking food, taking pictures of food, and eating food. Outside of her day job and Admissionado, Lauren blogs, listens to podcasts, fosters dogs, and volunteers as a rare disease patient advocate.

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