Hua Szu Yang

Hua Szu Yang’s childhood involved a lot of variety: she attended five different schools before arriving at Harvard University for her bachelor’s degree. Her career since graduation has continued to explore new ground, working in fields as wide-ranging as finance, education, software, academia, and real estate. Hua Szu loves to face novel challenges every day, something that mentorship undoubtedly offers. She strongly believes that each student's unique journey requires a unique approach.

At Harvard, Hua Szu studied Economics with a secondary in Psychology. But the real highlight of the experience was surrounding herself with intelligent people who put up with her curiosity. Hua Szu tries to provide a similar service to her community, spending her lunch breaks volunteering at a high school three blocks from her office, where she coaches students for a science and technology competition supported by the U.S. Congressional App Challenge.

Outside of work, you will find her hiking, asking people to practice languages with her, snacking on crunchy radishes, doing her best to draw the architecture that she sees, creating discussion groups about films, and looking for places that supply whole star anise fruit.

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