Carol Toye

Carol Toye was born in the UK and has lived, studied and worked in 7 countries in Europe, Asia and USA. From working out what games other kids play in playgrounds to working with international companies, her global experiences have given her a deep appreciation and understanding of cultural differences!

Carol earned an MBA from Aston Business School in the UK and has worked in financial services, retail, and marketing. She founded a successful tutoring center in London and lectured at two of the top universities in France. In addition, she was a successful painter depicting Singapore (where she lived for 6 years). Based on Carol’s untraditional and highly unique background, she doesn’t believe in putting students in boxes. The possibilities for students are endless with an open mind and that philosophy characterizes her mentorship with students.

As an admissions reader at the University of California, she has insider knowledge on what schools are looking for and is always up-to-date on the latest developments in the college admissions process. Her passion now is mentoring students to confidently apply to top universities in the US and worldwide. She enjoys teasing out content from what might seem like the most mundane of experiences to the students themselves, but might make compelling admissions essays.

Currently living in San Diego, she has two children currently at college and loves being a volunteer docent for the seals and sea lions in the beautiful seaside town of La Jolla.

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