Amanda Wirtz

Amanda’s favorite job by far was a summer at Sea World, observing killer whales and tracking their respiratory pattern in the middle of the night, but her bread and butter these days is consulting: management consulting, curriculum development, and college admissions consulting.

As a management consultant, she built pricing models for insurance companies, evaluated presidential foundations’ programming, and improved marketing at large corporations. What most informs her approach to admissions, however, is her time working on the other side of the admissions process as Director of Admissions for the University of Redlands School of Education and later Regional Director of Enrollment and Operations for both the School of Education and the School of Business. In addition, Amanda served as an Assistant Director of Recruitment for the Claremont Colleges, where she was responsible for the recruitment and marketing strategy of the Keck Graduate Institute.

Right out of her graduate program at Harvard, she worked for Google's HR department (enjoying the free meals and hip-hop classes) and at Kaplan, developing a national curriculum in reading, math and writing for K-8th graders. She co-authored a Kaplan textbook on writing and was responsible for training instructors on best practices in pedagogy.

As someone with a wide range of experiences personally and professionally, Amanda loves helping students shape and mold their own stories to help them stand out in the crowd.

In her free time, Amanda loves all things British royals, ballroom dancing, traveling internationally, and watching movies with complex plotlines.

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