October 8, 2018

Nanyang Technical University Scholarship Essay

Nanyang Technological University

NTU MBA Scholarship Essay

(ONLY for Applicants who intend to apply for scholarships) Explain why you believe you should be awarded a scholarship and how you anticipate contributing to Nanyang MBA program and your fellow participants. (400 word limit)

The more time you spend trying to make a case for why you DESERVE a scholarship, the less impactful it will be. If instead, the majority of your case rests on your PLANS for contributing to and adding value to Nanyang… your case will be made for you. See how that works? Make it clear how valuable you’ll be to the program, to its name and reputation, to its ability to entice other top talents to apply here, and your value will increase and increase their desire to award you a scholarship. Less so if all you’re doing is explaining the things that make you deserving…

You can even START this essay by explaining your dedication to adding value to Nanyang. What ARE your plans for contributing to the Nanyang program? Why? Why is that meaningful to you, to begin with? Why might you be more motivated to contribute to this program and elevate it in the global race for top business schools, compared to another university elsewhere? The more genuine your case, the more it will resonate.

Remember not to talk in generalities, but instead to be specific about your plans, and your motivation behind those plans. The best way to sell this idea is to convince them that if accepted to several top universities, including some that are ranked HIGHER than Nanyang, you may still choose Nanyang for reasons X, Y and Z. This will go far toward selling your commitment to adding value here.

Finally, when highlighting the things about you that you believe make you most deserving of a scholarship, focus on your industrious SPIRIT, not the achievements. Your appetite for success, coupled with your limitations financially, make for a stronger case than impressive achievements alone without real AMBITION behind them.

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