May 29, 2018

Columbia MBA Essay Analysis, Essay 2

Columbia CBS

CBS MBA Essay 2

How will you take advantage of being “at the very center of business”? Click photo. (250 words)

A return to a previous year’s question. Love it when that happens.

This question is really asking “Do you fully understand the opportunity at hand?” Kinda like: “Here’s a magic lamp, you have three wishes, they can be anything… go.” The guy who TRULY “understands the opportunity” would say “My first wish is to be granted UNLIMITED WISHES.” The response DEMONSTRATES that he gets it.

When you’re answering this question, you need to show us that you “get” why having a business school in the heart of New York City is meaningful. But here’s the twist… not just meaningful for Joe Applicant. Meaningful for YOU. How will YOU take advantage of it?

Actionable, practical, real-life, believable, tangible arguments folks. Not… “stuff everyone knows about New York already but doesn’t demonstrate a connection to you personally.” Don’t tell us that New York is the financial capital of the world. Show us—instead—how that might affect your plans. Walk us through a hypothetical. Has NYC already impacted you and can you show that while you’re in business school, you’ll build on it further? Don’t just tell us what the opportunities are—don’t LIST stuff. We know the list. Columbia knows the list. No one cares about the list.

In 250 words, there isn’t much room to faff. Walk us through one or two very tangible examples of what may happen while YOU are at business school… in the epicenter of business, and what’s gonna happen as a result of that. Play it out, make us picture it. A leads to B leads to C.

Skin it another way: challenge yourself and imagine that several top cities (London, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, etc.) have comparably-ranked business schools. And suppose you end up getting accepted to ALL of them. Why does the combination of (1) YOU + (2) New York City lead to a more exciting OUTCOME? Whatever it is, prove it to us, here, in 250 words.

Play out this hypothetical: Congratulations, you’ve been accepted to Stanford, Wharton and Harvard. But you’re gonna turn all three down because they all lack one thing: New York City. Convince us that you’re the kind of guy who might actually turn down H/S/W for this reason—it has to be specific as hell in order to pass the smell test.

Think back to chemistry. Reactivity. Explosions. Good stuff.

When you mix (1) YOU with (2) Some other business school that ISN’T in New York City… there’s a reaction. A great one. You may achieve an excellent version of your goals.

But it isn’t EXPLOSIVE…

Instead, when you mix (1) YOU with (2) NEW YORK CITY……. S&$T EXPLODES. And that “outcome” is better, cooler, more impressive, more meaningful, weighs more. Why? How? Explain that delta HERE.

What can we learn about you based on this chemical equation New York City + You XXXX?

The absolute worst thing you can do is list attributed about the business opportunities that abound in New York City. Similarly, we don’t want a retread of you and your goals either (in isolation). We wanna know about the COLLISION of you and your goals … and NYC. Our safety goggles are on. Let’s the dangerous mixing commence.

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