Simon Shin

Simon is Admissionado’s resident Venture Capital guy, but his experience runs way deeper (and cooler) than just that.

Simon is passionate about helping entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams, empowering them to build game-changing businesses. With experience as both an entrepreneur and operator, he provides hands-on assistance to numerous startups in both the US and Korea.

Before entering the world of startup investing, Simon spent 10 years in Product Management leading some of the sharpest engineers and designers across some of LA and Silicon Valley’s top startups (4 of 5 have exited via M&A or IPO). Prior to that, he spent 2 years in investment banking at Jefferies, advising on transactions over $1.2 Billion.

Simon studied Economics as an undergrad at Harvard, where some of his best memories were off-campus: teaching both underprivileged children from Cambridge and inmates at a county jail.

When he isn’t advising the next pre-IPO start-up, in his free time Simon enjoys basketball (he’s pretty good) and rapping (he’s horrible, but aspired to be a rapper in his former life.) And while Simon’s rap career never panned out, he still enjoys spending time entertaining his friends at karaoke. Shaq Fu, anyone?

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