Salpi Apkarian

Salpi is a Chicago native who can’t seem to put down roots. Her next great adventure could be a new genre of dance, combination of flavors on a plate or trip to an unknown destination.

Salpi graduated from Columbia University in 2014 and dashed out of New York City. Aiming for an international career, she landed in Yerevan, Armenia to work, learn Armenian and get in touch with (half of) her ethnic homeland. Salpi is unlearning her expectations and setting ideals into action, applying her background in neuroscience and education to public health systems and health education at the Armenian EyeCare Project.

When she’s not working or socializing you can find Salpi reading, scribbling in her journal, baking some delicious multi-layered goods or planning a trip to her next destination of choice. When she skydives in Mongolia she will consider her life successful.

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What's your all-time favorite memory from school?

Some of my favorite memories from my undergrad classes are from my labs. Basic biology lab was definitely my favorite, the most hands-on and the most interesting for me. I took the class with my best friend, and we named the pigs we were dissecting and made up stories about them. Winston and Santana were as good of friends as Eva and I were, and they went on all sorts of adventures together before donating their bodies to science.

Tell us something that would surprise us to learn about you

During high school I was a very serious classical ballet dancer. For a few years I planned not to go to college (skipped telling my parents this plan), and dedicate myself to a dance career. Eventually I ended up applying and going to college, but kept dancing the whole time. At Columbia I joined a dance group whose mission was to provide a stage for all different genres, and I explored all types of modern dance, African, jazz, swing and others.