Rob Gleeson

Rob is obsessed with MBA admissions.

(Mention that on a first date and see how it goes!) As a former Admissions Committee member, he knows everything you need to know about the schools, their quirks and how to craft the best application possible.

Rob took a funny path to getting his MBA at Kellogg. After graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Denver, Rob’s dad encouraged him to take a year off and pursue his love of stand up comedy. When your own father tells you not to get a real job, you listen! And hey, it sounded better than jumping right into a job in finance, or worse, economics. After a few years of comedy, Rob realized he no longer wanted to be a starving artist (because some of them are actually starving) so he applied to B-school.

While at Kellogg, Rob’s background made him the go-to host for social events. Whether it was a live auction for the Charity Auction Ball or an alumni event for the Dean, Rob was the Jimmy Kimmel of Kellogg. He was also Vice-President of the Capital Markets Club, winner of a case competition for Kellogg’s Impact Consulting Club, involved with the Asset Management Practicum, and most importantly, a member of the Kellogg Admissions Committee.

During his summer associate internship at J.P. Morgan, Rob received the highest performance rating possible (the kindergarten equivalent of 50 star stickers) and received an offer to return. Rob is currently building a portfolio of multi-family Real Estate in the Midwest and still sometimes does stand up comedy at night.

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