Mike Mochizuki

Brown University is known for honing creative talents from all over the world—just take Admissionado Founders Raj Patil and Jon Frank as examples! In fact, Mike Mochizuki is no exception to that rule.

Hailing from Detroit, raised in Chicago, and educated on the East Coast, Mike works as a film, video, and advertising producer. That means he is a professional “pitch guy,” developing ways to sell his clients creatively. Such clients have included Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Southwest Airlines, Hooters, McDonald's, Ne-Yo, the Girl Scouts and many others. He has also put these skills to the test in jobs teaching standardized tests for Kaplan and other leading test prep firms in the US.

He interned for the Senate Majority Whip and, with stints in law and medicine, brings a broad understanding of different fields. While studying at Brown University, he traveled across the United States and Europe with two different, award-winning singing groups. For the last few years, he’s spent a great deal of time further honing his pitch talents…helping college applicants gain admission into elite universities.

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Why did you choose to go to Brown?

I went to college so I could meet smart, interesting people and learn subjects I otherwise could not. Brown, with its many leather-bound books and rooms smelling of rich mahogany, was the perfect setting to befriend brilliant students and take classes with incredible professors.

What is your all-time favorite college memory?

As President of my fraternity, we hosted a fundraiser to benefit Houston after Hurricane Ike. The Mayor of Houston found out and thanked us by making us all "Honorary Houstonians."

What is your most embarrassing moment from school?

My most embarrassing moment from school occurred when I hit a particularly crazy period of time and didn't have time to do laundry. Rather than wearing anything dirty, I started wearing the only remaining clothing left - formal wear. By the end of the week, I was taking my tests in a thrift shop tuxedo.